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“Dr. Pruner…Both him and his staff were absolutely excellent in their professionalism, care, and communication…”
I’m not sure I could image a better possible experience and outcome following a recent procedure performed here. At age 44 Dr. Pruner, DMD removed two lower wisdom teeth which had been growing horizontally for a number of years. Both him and his staff were absolutely excellent in their professionalism, care, communication, and efficiency of procedure. I was exceptionally nervous prior to the appointment and during, but the staff was on point, guiding me through the procedure and providing a caring environment. After the extraction, and following the instructions provided by the office I experienced much less pain than I anticipated, light swelling that was very easily managed and no complications. Definetly pleased with the experience and outcome!
Sunny Kay Brunelle – 5-Star Google Review
January 2024


“Dr. Zemplenyi and the supporting staff were amazing…”

Dr. Zemplenyi and the supporting staff were amazing during the surgery. 1 star off for the lady who works in the billing department, she has a really bad attitude and couldn’t be bothered with questions. I really feel sorry for people like her. Other than that, good experience on my end.
Jordan Moore – 4-Star Google Review
October 2023


“I wish there were more stars I could give to Dr. Pruner and his staff!”

Big time dental anxiety here, so imagine my dismay when our family dentist told me I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed. They referred me to Dr. Pruner at 47 North Oral Surgery and everything got better from there.

At my consult, everyone in the office was friendly and reassuring. Even the woman at the front desk had some kind words when I told her how nervous I was. Dr. Pruner smiled while I rattled through two pages of questions and answered each one thoughtfully. My surgical tech (Laura Rae, I think) was highly professional but also kept it real. She helped me understand the costs and coverage, and even had real world answers when I asked if my prodigious weed consumption would affect the meds.

All four teeth came out yesterday and I could not have asked for a better experience. The IV sedation was magical, didn’t feel anything. The whole smash took about 45 minutes and I didn’t even know it was happening until it was over. Except for some very mild soreness today, to be expected, the whole procedure was entirely painless.

If I ever need oral surgery again, I’m going right back to Dr. Pruner and his team. And so should you!
Johnny Dwyer – 5-Star Google Review
February 2023

“I’m so glad I was referred to Dr. Pruner.”

I had four wisdom teeth removed today, and I had the best experience possible! I had a problem with one of the teeth causing pain, so they got me in for a consult and appointment at the same time. I was very nervous and anxious about the procedure, but Dr. Pruner and Brandy (my apologies if I got the name wrong) explained things really well and put me at ease. I’m an anxious person and always have a lot of questions, but Dr. Pruner and the staff did not seem to mind at all. Dr. Pruner’s bedside manner is incredible! The surgery was quick and painless, and I haven’t had any pain yet at home. I’m so glad I was referred to Dr. Pruner.
Devon Blevins – – 5-Star Google Review
February 2023

“The experience was fantastic…”

Experienced pain in a tooth on Wed. Called my dentist. They got me in same day, took X-ray and found infection. Offered to call 47 North. Saw them Thursday morning and they scheduled surgery Friday morning. The experience was fantastic, from the office staff to the technicians and especially the surgeon. She took time to explain the procedure and what to expect. The experience was completely painless and over quickly. I told the surgeon on her follow up call that I would give them 10 on a 5star scale. Very pleased. Highly recommend.
John Liebich- 5-Star Google Review
January 2024

“Dr. Pruner was great…”
Great place and people! I highly recommend going here for any mouth work that needs to be done. The staff make you feel welcome, comfortable and are extremely caring. I had my wisdom teeth taken out and the whole process when smoothly. Dr. Pruner was great he made sure all my questions were answered and made me feel comfortable about the procedures, and even followed up with a call the next day.
Ella Drake – 5-Star Google Review
December 2023

“… I was in great hands…”
Dr. Zemplenyi and all the staff at Oral North provided me with exceptional care before, during, and after my wisdom teeth extraction surgery. I was treated with kindness, thorough explanations, and assurance that I was in great hands. This was my first major medical procedure and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you to all who participated in my care!
Megan Morris – 5-Star Google Review –
July 2023

I have had 2 surgeries so far and both went awesome. Friendly and professional staff as well as fantastic work by the doctor.
Ace Afshar – 5-Star Google Review
February 2024

“… I dare say this was almost a pleasant experience.”
Had my wisdom teeth removed here and I hate my teeth being worked on. However I dare say this was almost a pleasant experience. The staff was super kind, friendly, knowledgeable and let me ask a million questions with tons of patience. The operation was a blink of an eye (I have 4 impacted wisdom teeth) even after I didn’t have much pain and everything looked so clean and I felt 1000x better. They even called me 3x after to make sure I was okay and caring for my mouth properly. if I ever have any teeth related issues this will be my first call!!
Matt Hamilton – 5-Star Google Review
February 2023

“Dr. Pruner and his office staff provided a kind, calm and nurturing environment.”
Dr. Pruner assisted with wisdom teeth removal for my teenage son in early May. Dr. Pruner and his office staff provided a kind, calm and nurturing environment. As a I parent, I felt supported and confidant in the care he received, before, during and after the procedure. Highly recommend Dr. Pruner.
Krista Seymour – 5-Star Google Review
July 2023

” I hightly recommend 47 North Oral Surgery to trust with your family and their dental needs.”
Dr. Fettig and staff, took excpetional care with my son before, during and after he had his wisdom teeth removed. The pre-op consult gave us all the information we would need. During the procedure, my son was well taken care of. The post-op care was just as great! I hightly recommend 47 North Oral Surgery to trust with your family and their dental needs.
Jodi Greer – 5-Star Google Review
April 2023

“Doctor Zemplenyi sets the gold standard for the most caring and wonderful medical professional ever.”
Doctor Zemplenyi sets the gold standard for the most caring and wonderful medical professional ever. I wish I could take my family to her for everything. Two kids for wisdom teeth extraction and they both loved her. She was kind, caring, and put everyone at ease.
Office staff was friendly and the process was very smooth and professionally run.

I’m taking one star off for the billing process. The price is a tad high but well worth it. I was told I could get an estimate about two weeks before the procedure, when I called and asked for it the billing person told me they don’t do that. Weird that I’m going in for a procedure and can’t get the price in advance. I paid what they said was my portion at the time of service and was surprised a few months later with the rest of the bill. When I called with questions again the billing department just wasn’t very helpful or even polite. It was just ‘yeah, the estimate on the day was wrong.’ Okay fair enough I’m willing to pay. And frustrating that the estimates were WAY off but that could be the insurance companies fault. But please at least be polite to me when I have questions about it.
Michael Dorman – 4-Star Google Review
December 2023

I got my wisdom teeth extracted and the whole process was not painful at all! Even during the recovery period, I didn’t feel much pain.
Qun Li – 5-Star Google Review
December 2023

“They truly did their best to help me feel relaxed, informed and cared for including Dr Naumann.”
Very kind and compassionate staff. Both at this location and the Monroe office. They truly did their best to help me feel relaxed, informed and cared for including Dr Naumann. He was so kind, gentle and efficient. For a multiple teeth extraction this was a reassuring best choice experience.
Cherie Rubash – 5-Star Google Review
February 2023

These were submitted directly to us by email, web form, or direct mail…

“…he was kind and gentle…”

The dentist was really nice and made me feel good He was kind and gentle as I am not very good with dentists. Thank you so much for helping me feel better. – Leona C.

“Thank you so much for a great experience…”

My daughter is 13 and had to have a tooth pulled. Both the Dr and his assistant were great! The surgery was done in a snap, they thoroughly explained the surgery and how they felt it went and we felt adequately prepared to go home and provide the aftercare. Thank you so much for a great experience – at least as great as it could be considering it’s surgery! – Nichole R.

“Would definitely recommend him…”

Dr Knoff was great to have as my doctor. He was very kind, considerate, enjoyable demeanor, and really enjoys his work. My procedure was not a simple extraction but he made me comfortable with the experience. Would definitely recommend him to others. – Gary W.

“I was more than pleased to do this review …

I’m no chickadee and believe it or not, I decided it was time to get braces. I knew I was going to have to remove a tooth in the front of my smile to begin the process and the idea of removing a perfectly good tooth (among a crowded bunch of teeth) was a little scary, but more than anything, I wanted to start the process of fixing my smile and improving my oral health. So I met with Dr. Knoff and we discussed the surgery in detail as well as the use of anesthesia. I was very clear on what we were going to do. To my absolute satisfaction and complete delight, the removal of that tooth caused me absolutely no pain. I mean zero pain. Even after the anesthesia wore off I really had no issues at all and I was immediately ready to see the orthodontist to begin the process of my smile makeover.  It may sound strange, but I was so glad I’d made this decision and the speed with which my teeth are moving into place makes it all worthwhile.  I’ve already told my father-in-law I’m glad our dentist referred him to Dr. Knoff because I know they’ll do a great job of keeping him comfortable and completing his needed tooth surgery.  Thank you to everyone at Dr. Knoff’s for doing such a great job. I’ll keep you posted on my new smile.  – Beth J

“I would with all confidence, refer anyone to visit the IOM office that has a need for dental surgery or an interest in dental implant procedures.”

I would like to send my complete gratitude to Dr. Naumann and the entire staff at the Kirkland, Washington office, for the professional care and for the completely successful dental implant surgery that I received while there. I served with the US Army as an Infantryman in the jungles of Vietnam (1967 – 68). During that tour of duty, I contracted a severe infection in my jaw that led to the removal of several molars. Over the past 40+ years, I have never been able to properly chew food on the right side of my mouth. That is until I visited the IOM office in Kirkland Washington. It was at that time I met Dr. Naumann who reviewed my dental X-Rays, and fully discussed the options of implant surgery.

From that initial visit to the completion of the surgery procedure, I honestly experienced some of the most professional dental care that I’ve ever had. The wonderful thing about the dental surgery performed by Dr. Naumann, is that it provided me with three dental implants that now allows me to once again chew food properly. To say that I am thankful to the entire Kirkland Washington IOM staff is simply not thanks enough. I would with all confidence, refer anyone to visit the IOM office that has a need for dental surgery or an interest in dental implant procedures. I’m sure that you will experience the very same degree of professionalism and the incredible caring staff that I’ve had at the Kirkland IOM office.    –  Ken Z.

“…staff put me at ease…”

I was really nervous about having my tooth pulled, but the Dr’s n staff put me at ease, they all were very kind n was Quick n easy..thanks – Kay E

“…You are in good hands with this group!”

Dr. Fettig and his staff are a treasure. The entire implant procedure was done in a highly professional manner . . . and nearly painless. You are in good hands with this group! – Sharon

“My appointment was quick, they gave the proper amount of anesthetic, and my pain was FINALLY OVER!!!”

I was able to get in to see Dr. Knoff even after I’d missed my prior appointment due to oversleeping from the pain. I was graciously not charged for being irresponsible, and Dr. Knoff was good enough to schedule me for the next available surgery 4 weeks away. I asked to be bumped for cancellations and thankfully less than a week later there was a cancellation. My appointment was quick, they gave the proper amount of anesthetic, and my pain was FINALLY OVER!!! If you’ve had mouth pain before, you KNOW, it’s the worst kind of pain that will drive you CRAZY! So I was grateful mine could be resolved in spite of my irresponsibility so quickly! I’d recommend +++ to anyone!    Sent in through website feedback form February 2016 by –  Matt G

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