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THANK YOU to all the patients who’ve taken the time to share your experience.  Names are shown throughout with initials only to meet HIPPA privacy regulations.

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…he was kind and gentle…

The dentist was really nice and made me feel good .he was kind and gentle as i am not very good with dentist .thank you so much for helping me feel better. Leona C.

Thank you so much for a great experience…

My daughter is 13 and had to have a tooth pulled. Both the Dr and his assistant were great! The surgery was done in a snap, they thoroughly explained the surgery and how they felt it went and we felt adequately prepared to go home and provide the aftercare. Thank you so much for a great experience – at least as great as it could be considering it’s surgery! Nichole R.

Would definitely recommend him…

Dr Knoff was great to have as my doctor. He was very kind, considerate, enjoyable demeanor and really enjoys his work. My procedure was not a simple extraction but he made me comfortable with the experience. Would definitely recommend him to others. Gary W.

I was more than pleased to do this review …

I’m no chickadee and believe it or not, I decided it was time to get braces. I knew I was going to have to remove a tooth in the front of my smile to begin the process and the idea of removing a perfectly good tooth (among a crowded bunch of teeth) was a little scary, but more than anything, I wanted to start the process of fixing my smile and improving my oral health. So I met with Dr. Knoff and we discussed the surgery in detail as well as the use of anesthesia. I was very clear on what we were going to do. Too my absolute satisfaction and complete delight, removal of that tooth caused me absolutely no pain. I mean zero pain. Even after the anesthesia wore off I really had no issues at all and I was immediately ready to see the orthodontist to begin the process of my smile makeover.  It may sound strange, but I was so glad I’d made this decision and the speed with which my teeth are moving into place makes it all worthwhile.  I’ve already told my father-in-law I’m glad our dentist referred him to Dr. Knoff because I know they’ll do a great job of keeping him comfortable and completing his needed tooth surgery.  Thank you to everyone at Dr. Knoff’s for doing such a great job. I’ll keep you posted on my new smile.  Beth J

I would with all confidence, refer anyone to visit the IOM office that has a need for dental surgery or an interest in dental implant procedures.

I would like to send my complete gratitude to Dr. Naumann and the entire staff at the Kirkland, Washington office, for the professional care and for the completely successful dental implant surgery that I received while there. I served with the US Army as an Infantryman in the jungles of Viet Nam (1967 – 68). During that tour of duty I contracted a severe infection in my jaw that led to the removal several molars. Over the past 40+ years I have never been able to properly chew food on the right side of my mouth. That is until I visited the IOM office in Kirkland Washington. It was at that time I met Dr. Naumann who reviewed my dental X-Rays, and fully discussed the options of implant surgery.

From that initial visit to the completion of the surgery procedure, I honestly experienced some of the most professional dental care that I’ve ever had. The wonderful thing about the dental surgery performed by Dr. Naumann, is that it provided me with three dental implants that now allows me to once again chew food properly. To say that I am thankful to the entire Kirkland Washington IOM staff is simply not thanks enough. I would with all confidence, refer anyone to visit the IOM office that has a need for dental surgery or an interest in dental implant procedures. I’m sure that you will experience the very same degree of professionalism and the incredible caring staff that I’ve had at the Kirkland IOM office.     Ken Z.

…staff put me at ease…

I was really nervous about having my tooth pulled, but the Dr’s n staff put me at ease, they all were very kind n was Quick n easy..thanks  Kay E

…You are in good hands with this group!

Dr. Fettig and his staff are a treasure. The entire implant procedure was done in a highly professional manner . . . and nearly painless. You are in good hands with this group!  Sharon

My appointment was quick, they gave the proper amount of anesthetic, and my pain was FINALLY OVER!!!

I was able to get in to see Dr. Knoff even after I’d missed my prior appointment due to oversleeping from the pain. I was graciously not charged for being irresponsible, and Dr. Knoff was good enough to schedule me for the next available surgery 4 weeks away. I asked to be bumped for cancellations and thankfully less than a week later there was a cancellation. My appointment was quick, they gave the proper amount of anesthetic, and my pain was FINALLY OVER!!! If you’ve had mouth pain before, you KNOW, it’s the worst kind of pain that will drive you CRAZY! So I was grateful mine could be resolved in spite of my irresponsibility so quickly! I’d recommend +++ to anyone!    Sent in through website feedback form February 2016 by Matt G

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