Cone Beam Cat Scan (CB-CT)

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best care possible, we have recently added the KODAK 9000 3-D Extraoral Imaging System to our practice, revolutionizing patient treatment. This technology gives us the opportunity for 3-D structural assessment. Our regular 2-D panorex x-rays can also be taken.

The KODAK 9000 3-D System is an innovative two-in-one solution providing access to powerful, focused field 3-D images.  The capabilities of 3-D imaging offer a wide range of diagnostic possibilities such as implant placement, surgical planning, extractions, examination of oral pathologies, and third molar evaluations.

Most importantly, the KODAK 9000 3-D system was designed to acquire 3-D images on a specific dental region of interest, so technicians are able to target the exact area of the 3-D exposure. This significantly reduces the amount of radiation, delivering 10-30 times less exposure than many other dental radiography systems.

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