When it comes to dental surgery, there are many choices you need to make, right down to who will perform the surgery. While it is true that many dentists can perform numerous surgical procedures in addition to their general dentistry, there are also oral doctors who focus specifically on oral surgery procedures.
For reasons of familiarity or convenience, it may be tempting to stick to your general dentist for these procedures. However, there are important reasons to choose an oral surgeon who specializes in oral surgery procedures.
Some of those important reasons to empower you to make an informed decision are:

  1. Specialization
    One of the most important reasons to look to an oral surgeon for your corrective jaw surgery or dental implant surgery is their specialization. While they have a great deal of the same fundamental information as a general dentist, they have dedicated the bulk of their time to understanding these complicated and occasionally dangerous procedures. This ensures that you are getting the very best in expert care.
  2. Experience
    With something as delicate as a dental implant procedure there are risks and challenges beyond placing the implant. If your jaw bone is not thick enough or too soft you may require a bone graft. Or if there is not enough bone height in the upper jaw or the sinuses are too close to the jaw a sinus lift may be required. These are the kinds of things that an oral surgeon is prepared for. Given that the number of people who receive dental implants each year is around three million and rising annually by 500,000, it is not a frequently performed procedure for many. Oral Surgeons, however, perform dental implants and a host of other types of oral surgery procedures on a regular basis. That has given them a deep understanding of the best practices for oral surgery procedures.
  3. Special Facilities
    Unlike a traditional dentist’s office, an oral surgeon has a specifically-designed facility that will enable them to perform your surgery in a manner that is both safe and comfortable. Since these facilities are equipped with the latest tools for your procedure, you can be assured that you are receiving the cutting-edge care that you deserve.

When it comes to your oral surgery procedure and placing your dental implant, you will likely have to decide between a general dentist or an oral surgeon. In most cases, the latter can offer you the very best because of training, hands on experience, and infrastructure to ensure your surgery is a success.