Missing teeth, whether it’s from decay or damage or a tooth removal procedure, can be uncomfortable. It can be more difficult to chew or talk when you’re missing teeth and some people may find that their self-confidence decreases with missing teeth. Fortunately, dental implants can help restore missing teeth. Dental implants have been used for a long time and the dental implant procedure is safe and effective. But if you’re still worried about the safety of this procedure, let’s explore a few benefits and risks you should consider.

Benefits and Safety of Dental Implants

It’s important to note that according to scientific literature, the success rate of dental implants is 98%. This procedure has been developed over the years to be as safe and effective as possible. In most cases, titanium rods are used in dental implants. And because titanium is a biocompatible material, most patients’ bodies accept the rods with few issues. Overall, dental implants are safe and can provide patients with a new tooth for added comfort and confidence.

Are There Risks?

All dental implant patients should be informed of and aware of any risks that come with their procedure. If you choose the right surgeon, the risks associated with this procedure are very minimal. Our team of surgeons uses their expertise and skill to place the implants and use care not to damage the surrounding area.

Tooth removal procedures and dental implant surgery can both be scary to think about. But it’s important to trust your oral surgeon and know that in the end, you’ll have a brand-new tooth and the procedure will have been worth it.