Do I Qualify for Nitrous Oxide?

When it comes to more complex dental procedures, like an impacted tooth removal or oral bone graft, dentists may opt to use nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is a gas that provides conscious sedation to the patient to allow the oral surgeon to perform the procedure without causing the patient extreme discomfort or pain. Using this gas is one of the most effective ways to conduct a difficult dental procedure, but not many patients know why or when it is used.

Why and when is nitrous oxide used?

Some dental procedures are more complicated than others. During these procedures, nitrous oxide is commonly used to help the patient relax and stay still to avoid causing complications during the procedure. This colorless, odorless gas acts quickly and doesn’t have any serious side effects. Nitrous oxide is administered safely to help manage discomfort, pain, and anxiety in dental patients. With about three million people having dental implants and 500,000 more becoming dental implant patients each year, there are numerous situations that may require nitrous oxide. An experienced oral surgeon will be able to determine if a patient requires nitrous oxide and if they think it would be beneficial during their procedure.

Dental procedure example or oral surgeon example

Who qualifies for nitrous oxide?
For the most part, there are few patients who don’t qualify for nitrous oxide. This harmless gas can be used with almost every patient to help them relax during a variety of dental procedures, like impacted tooth removals, wisdom tooth extractions, and more. However, there are certain people who generally will always be recommended this gas. These people may include:
Children who need complex dental work

Patients who experience anxiety during dental procedures or visits

Patients who don’t want local anesthesia

Patients who have a strong gag reflex

Patients who require an excessively painful procedure

Overall, nitrous oxide is a safe, fast-acting gas that can be used in a variety of dental situations. For patients with anxiety or fear of pain, this gas can help them relax and get the necessary dental work done. So, whether you need to undergo an impacted tooth removal or another complex procedure, ask your dentist or oral surgeon if nitrous oxide could be a good option.