Going to the dentist is an important activity that should be done on a regular basis. From spotting cavities to just getting a cleaning, regular dentist visits are vital for our oral health. But unfortunately, dentist visits aren’t always pleasant, especially when a tooth extraction is involved. While tooth extractions can be uncomfortable, they’re done for a reason. So what are some common reasons our chompers need to be removed?

Disease or decay: When teeth become damaged, infected, or become susceptible to disease, they often need to be removed. If it’s just slightly damaged, a general dentist may attempt to fix the tooth so it doesn’t need to be removed. And if the tooth is infected or diseased, the dentist may attempt to clear the infection or disease using methods like a root canal. But an infection or disease can quickly spread, so tooth extraction may be necessary.

Overcrowding: Sometimes, people simply don’t have enough room in their mouths for all of their adult teeth. When this happens, their teeth can become misaligned. Removing a tooth can give other teeth in the mouth room to sit properly. Sometimes, there isn’t even enough room for a tooth to erupt through the gums.

Wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth are the third molars that grow in the very back of the mouth. Unfortunately, most people end up having these teeth removed because they can be quite problematic. The wisdom teeth can be┬áimpacted, which means they don’t have enough room to erupt normally. Additionally, they can become infected or begin to decay. In these cases, a wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary.

There are a number of reasons why teeth would need to be extracted. While tooth extractions can be beneficial, leave an empty space behind. In this case, dental implants may be suggested to keep the mouth full of those pearly whites. Overall, it’s important to find an oral surgeon who knows what’s best for your teeth and can provide comfortable extraction procedures if necessary.