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Oral Bone Grafting Can Help Give You the Smile You Deserve

Dental surgery has come a long way to ensure patients are provided what they need to have the perfect smile. One procedure that has made this possible is oral bone grafting, which allows dental implants to be placed if a patient’s jawbone doesn’t provide the proper support. But bone grafting can be used for a […]

Don’t Risk Future Dental Issues, Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

No one wants to have teeth removed, but sometimes it is necessary. Wisdom tooth removal is one of these instances. Sometimes wisdom teeth become impacted, or your jaw isn’t wide enough to hold them. In addition, there are many benefits to wisdom tooth extractions, including: 1. Prevent Damage To Nearby Teeth Overcrowding in the mouth […]

A Closer Look at Wisdom Tooth Removal Part 2

Every year, 5 million Americans undergo an outpatient wisdom tooth extraction procedure. Despite its prevalence, or possibly because of it, there is a great deal of anxiety often associated with a wisdom tooth removal. In this two-part series, we explore the ins and outs of wisdom tooth surgery. In part one, we examined the causes […]