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Do Wisdom Teeth Affect Braces?

For those people who have wisdom teeth, they usually erupt in early adulthood. Wisdom teeth may cause dental issues like overcrowding, especially if they’re impacted. However, many people have plenty of room for their wisdom teeth and they have no problems with them. During this age frame, many people also get braces or just have […]

Understanding Dental Implant Procedures

Dental and jaw issues can range from irritating to downright horrible. One of the worst issues pertaining to dental problems, however, is that they don’t discriminate. Obviously, the elderly and individuals who don’t take care of their teeth are more susceptible to serious tooth problems, but they can strike anyone at any time. When dental […]

Can Wisdom Tooth Pain Cause Ear Pain or Sore Throats?

In early adulthood, many people experience their wisdom teeth erupting from their gums. Wisdom teeth are molars that grow in the back of the mouth. It is believed that wisdom teeth were helpful to distant ancestors who had diets that consisted of rougher, tougher foods and needed them to help them chew those foods. But […]